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Default Video Game Piracy

I would assume that most people here are against video game piracy, as they want to be in the industry themselves, and must have an appreciation and respect for the people who make games, but whenever there is a article about piracy on Gamasutra, many people defend it rather aggressively. (In many cases, I suspect the people leaving comments are not in the industry, as you are required to be, to join the site.) I, myself, have a large dislike for people who pirate software. I find the reason for this to be self-evident. Software companies create software for purchase by the consumer. Having no other source of income, they charge the consumer for the software, thus insuring that they make money. If a consumer does not purchase the software, they do not make money. From the consumer's standpoint, they want a service provided by the software (a few hours of enjoyment), and they are willing to pay for this service. If the consumer does not find the product worth the money that they are charged for it or do not possess the money, they do not buy it. This brings us to piracy. Some consumers do not find a product worth the asking price, and so they acquire the product for no money. As pointed out before, the company that created the software makes no money, but the consumer gets the hours of entertainment. If the consumer has pirated the software because the do not feel that it was worth the money the producer thought it was worth, or if they did not have the money the producer thought it was worth, they acquire it as what they feel it is worth, and they now feel that the producer is worth nothing. I find this sickening. Now, advocates of piracy often bring the quality of the game into consideration. This has no place in piracy discussions. For one thing, in discussion based in logic, all possibilities must be taken into account. A person could pirate a game for any reason at all. The producer could be charging 100 USD for a 'hello world' program, or 1 USD for the greatest game ever made. Why someone does something does not affect the fact that it was done. On the most basic level, piracy is a insult of the highest degree: the consumer does not feel that the game is worth what is asked to receive it. (I just realized that if I substitute 'what is asked by the producer to receive the product' for money, I can cover non-money reasons for piracy, such as DMM or pre-release piracy.) They then acquire it in another way, which may benefit another party, but feel that the producer's work is worth nothing. On the most basic level, I can see no excuse for piracy. Moving on, with the reality of piracy, I do not know what kind of future business strategy will be able to profit the producers. I, myself, don't have the money to play every game that I want to, and so rent games through GameFly. What I don't believe is that Gamefly and similar services prevent piracy. If one is willing to pay an insult like that to software producers, I don't feel that having prices in accordance with one's wishes is enough to stop one from piracy. iTunes introduced 1 USD songs, but piracy still prevails, even though I doubt anyone feels that 1 dollar is too much to pay for a song. I see piracy as a fundamental disregard for other people, and doubt that anything 'other people' could do would change this.

This is meant to be a thread of discussion, not me ranting, so I encourage you to post any thoughts on the issue as a whole.
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