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I think the main discussion today is not for or against piracy (I think most people are against it) but about open source and freeware VS paid products.
Taking music as an example - many beleive that music today should be free to download, and the bands should make their profit from tours and sponspors. Some bands already allow free downloads of their new albums (Radiohead for exmaple).
I know that some of the sessions at AGDC were about free MMOs and how they make a profit (Sadly I didn't attend those sessions ).
Generally speaking, I am against piracy, and since games (or movies or music) is a luxury and not a necessity, if someone can't afford or doesn't want to buy it, they shouldn't try and get it for free (that is plainly stealing).
I do get to talk to people who download cracked games and ask me why I buy games if I can get them for free, I think that becuase these downloads are so easy to do, many people just don't think that what they are doing is illegal.
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