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Games are an interesting one. I think most people here, myself included, will be against piracy. Artists deserve to be paid for their work, and that includes us programmers! However there are a few things that really annoy me about the way that the industry handles the piracy issue.

I don't buy games with SecuROM ever at all out of principle. There is a lot of contraversy surrounding it and I don't completely understand it all. However, the bottom line is that I can't trade them in at my local GameStation. That is how I finance most of my gaming habits, so I don't buy them; at least not the PC versions.

I am a big believer in LAN licencing and support for sharing LAN editions of games. It is inevitable at small LAN parties that people are going to pass games around to play multiplayer and I personally would prefer to make this easier and more legal. It's not as harmful as you might think since most people will go out and buy the game after the LAN anyway so they can practice and get better at it; usually through online play. It annoys me a lot that many games don't offer this type of support, especially when so many games used to release multiplayer-only disc-free demos that did everything we needed, except version patching (If only we could patch the demos!).

I like Steam's model in theory, but I hate the fact that my ISP blocks it. Purchasing games in store knowing that you could have got the exact same thing online for a fraction of the price really annoys me.
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