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Exclamation Caution: The Art Institute!

Originally Posted by Thumper_34 View Post
I have an associates degree in Multi-Media Graphics and Design
I was wondering what the best Game Art and Design college might be in anyones opinions?

Whatever you choose do NOT choose the art institute. I was a student of the art institute and they LIED to me and almost ruined my credit!

I had asked about there game art program I was told that my drawings "did not meet there req" for the course. I was put in their web design program with promises that in half a year I could "scoot" into the game art program and not lose any credits. The representitive lied to me. His name was [NAME REMOVED]. What really happened was that the president of the school told me the game art program was filled up over 2 months prior to my interest in the program. He (the president of the school) even told me I "may" have been mislead. NO! I WAS LIED TOO! NOT MISLEAD PAL!.

Anyhoo, They sent me a balance of 90 dollars, i payed it. a few months later another balance of more money. This balance "thing" happened to me over and over 3 or 4 times till I finally said I am not giving you people andy more money! They stopped trying to get more money after that.

Whatever you do I wish you luck but DO NOT chose art institute, they will lie and slander the truth to all your questions. I am a multimedia/IT graduate from ITT tech, and ITT tech was 100% truthful about their programs they offer. No bull.

Just be careful and good luck!

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