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Originally Posted by Ender View Post
Also, what is the name of the position(s) I want to go in?
I would check out the article "The Disciplines" on page 47 of this year's Game Career Guide Magazine. This article is freely available online and provides more information about various disciplines within the industry.

At a glance, it seems as though you would want a career as either a 3D Artist, an Animator or a Technical Artist; wherever your specific interest may take you. None the less, generalists are preferred so be sure to develop at least some skills in traditional art such as sketching.

Originally Posted by Ender View Post
What should I major in college?
I would do some research into animation, 3d modelling, graphic design and traditional art courses at college.

Originally Posted by Ender View Post
...I want to go into video game development.
I'm really good with Maya, and I want to create characters and worlds and weapons and such, doing that...Any advice?
Read Game Industry for Entry Level Artists: The Portfolio. Since you are already familiar with Maya, you may as well get a head start over the competition. I would also suggest volunteering your talent to a mod team in order to practice making models for games in addition to creating demonstratable material for your portfolio.
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