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Contrary to popular belief drawing is a learnt skill and not some magical ability people are born with. It requires a bit of practice but put the effort in and you will excel quickly. There are probably public afternoon life-drawing classes offered by a community group or school in your city, these are great for giving you different subjects and mediums to experiment with and are really great value.

The best resource for quickly learning many of the concepts behind drawing what you perceive is Dr. Betty Edward's "Drawing on the right side of the brain". It's been in print for 30 years so your local library should have a copy or 2, else I'm sure it would available online via bittorrent.

This gallery of students work before and after 5 days of Betty Edwards classes is pretty encouraging
. I've even heard the CIA use the book to train their operatives to think in different ways. I've used some of the techniques in the book in teaching developmental art to children (I'm not a teacher, it was a job I had at an afternoon-school for gifted children when I was in senior high) and although it's marketed as a beginners learn-to-draw book I regularly find the exercises beneficial to me. I'm not sure about the scientific brain function theories presented in it but it is by far the best instructional art book.

I'm pretty new to computer art and completely new to 3D modeling - I don't start classes in it until next year but have been messing around with it in preparation, but I've found that I'm utilizing my traditional or fine art skills a lot.
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