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1) Ok first off hit up any mod group you can find in your area as the real thing in the industry is going to be your best tool as well as learning how to work in the pipe line.

2) Start practicing your traditional art skills asap and keep at it. This is one I see allot of 3d artiest neglect I did for a bit for my own skill set feeling my 3d was were it was at. A strong tradition skill medium will only better you in the long run when it comes to 3D. Look for simple drawing tutorials on line there every ware then slowlybiuld up to more advance drawing skills.

3) Connections / Connection / CONNECTIONS! Go out and meet ppl who have a common interest. Seek out game development chapters there are ones in every state and almost every major city. If you want to get into this industry you need to connect with ppl! One person told me in this industry its 25% who you know / 25% what you know / 50% luck

4) College: there are several colleges out there now that offer the degree in video game design and most of them have great reviews. What I would do for researching this is talk to the graduation students and the ones going there now. Talk to the program directors and look at the kind of classes they offer to make sure they are up to date with technology.

5) Where do you want to fall in the line of work? Well it sounds like 3D to me and as a fellow 3D artiest my self I recommend researching 3d as much as possible! A simple exsersize to keep your self nimble in 3d is pick up any random object and try to model it in a hour this will force your self to start seeing things in blocking design then going down into lower detail I do this as a warm up every week!
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