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As far as part time goes, I haven't finished high school yet (yes, a youngster on the boards) but I have a part time writing gig with a local newspaper. I get some cash for writing, and I get to plug out an article every two weeks. Plus, I can even get games for free from company PR reps. It's pretty sweet.

Most likely if you have a local free newspaper, they'll accept you. Chances are, they don't have a tech writer anyway so you should be able to get a job there. Depends on how much work you want to do and how much money you want - right now theres no way I could possibly make a living on my job right now, but it's good practice, and I love doing it. Plus, local people in the community sometimes make comments on my stuff, which feels good.

One day I'd like to move up to another job somewhere, but of course, I have to finish high school and college first! To any pros: how important is a college degree in Games JournalisM?
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