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I agree with Dominia, it can never hurt to start applying early because who knows, maybe you have something that a company is looking for. I heard at the Austin GDC that there are alot of companies currently hiring for internships and entry-level jobs, and that most of those aren't published on their sites.

Another thing I heard a lot of at the conference, which goes back to my previous post, is that degrees aren't always the only way to go; they kept reiterating that ability is the desired attribute. Degrees are nice, but they mean nothing if you can't do what they want.

Once again, Dominia was spot on with the notes about making a website. They want everything electronic if possible: put your resume out there, your demos, and whatever else you think necessary.

I am in the process of one myself, and when I'm done, hopefully I can get some critiques from forum-goers.

Dominia, after looking at your site, your text seems to be a little small. I think it might be helpful to increase the size a little bit.

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