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Originally Posted by MitchyD View Post
I've read up on what Testing is, how it works and where it goes. It's summed up in what Matt just said - my curiousity springs from "Where do I go" and "How do I get there"

What did you do to get your testing job? Did you go to school before, or after? How did you come across said company and land the job, in general?

Thanks for the help!
Me? I went to E3.

I played a few matches of Virtua Fighter 5 with this person. He was the only one that provided me a challenge, so we decided to chat it up a bit. I asked where he worked and he told me he was a lead game tester. I asked him to get me a job. He laughed and said that he was too far away (E3 is in L.A.) and that the job is in Maryland. I told him that I lived in Maryland. He was shocked and we exchanged e-mails. After E3 was over I just kept in touch and talked to him about games and other things as he would let me know when an opening came up. Eventually it did, and I landed the job.

There you go, networking .

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