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Originally Posted by Claxon View Post
DX is very powerful and worth looking into (though it can take quite a bit of effort setting up the graphics device in your code). If you just want to load from Bitmaps like you said (rather than have to start again and work out DirectX in such little time), then take a look at this page.

The first example is a very simple program that demonstrates Blitting (drawing) bitmaps. Just change parameters 2 and 3 in the BitBlt() call to change the X,y positions of the image.

Have you ever tried working with XNA? It can really speed up the game development process (ideal for quick projects).
Ok maybe drawing bitmaps would be the best choice for now, thanks for the advice on that.

Actually yes I have worked with XNA (tried to make an RPG top-scroller, but was over my head as a starter project). I feel like I would complete this much quicker using C# and XNA, but I know that the industry standard is C++ and I want to know challenge myself with that.

Do you think I should just go with C# just to get this challenge done, or go with challenging myself with C++?
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