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Default What can I do to break into the industry as a journalist?

What can I do to make myself have a better chance of breaking into the industry as a video game journalist? So far, I'm doing this:

-Taking a journalism program at my college. I'm in my first year and I'm going to finish it in 2 years. It isn't specifically video game journalism, but the program is teaching me how to be a journalist in general. There is an internship I have to do in my final year, and that is when I'm planning to intern for G4TV or a video game related company in California. I live in Canada, but I'm sure if I work out the legal/work permit stuff, I can get in.

-Video game podcast - I have a video game podcast, but I currently put it on hiatus because I want to get better equipment. What I do on the podcast is review games and talk about video game news.

-Website - My plan is to start my own website where I can host my podcast and blog on it.

-Working for a video game company - I think if I work for a video game company in QA, it'll help me out. I live in Toronto, so there aren't many developers or publishers here.

-Video game events - Perhaps I can go to video game events, or launch days and interview people. Or host my own events.

Does anyone know anything else I can do to help myself get into the industry? It's not easy to break in, so I want to do what I can to increase my chances. I heard networking helps too.
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