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Default looking for work putting myself out there.

just thought i would post that im looking for work sorry if i have put this in the wrong place.Basically im a huge gamer with a testing background in a variety of systems and have a very analytical approach to situations.I am a stay at home parent and my systems currently owned are:XBOX 360,Nintndo gameboy pocket,Sega Dreamcast and the Sega Saturn.I have access to a Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS and Playstation 2 and 3 most of the time.I enjoy writing games but i currently dont have much in the way of experience but i have ideas and a great desire to succeed.I keep my knowledge up by speaking with fellow gamers and i am a member of many game and developer sites.I do alot of beta testing aswel.Please drop me a message if you are on the lookout for a free lance writer for various tasks.
I thankyou in advance
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No portfolio or examples of previous work? Lack of capitalisation in your post and incorrect spacing after the .'s and ,'s.

As a writer that is looking for work, it doesn't leave a good impression.
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Hi can you give me more information about yourself and what kind of experience you have .
What are your financial constraints as you are a home parent.
If you were going to be a webmaster of a site can you give me an idea what you would consider important for gamers.
How would you promote games ? banners reviews
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Well, I'm looking for a Xbox 360 Writer for my website
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