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Default Asking for advices

Hello everyone
im an italian guy really interesting in the game industry, im doing many researches about where to study where to start!
i noticed that almost all the best schools are in the US so i was planning about coming there for study hard.
Its pretty difficult to chose a school :O thats why im posting here and asking for some advices, im a totally beginner im sending email EVERYWHERE for gather as much information as possible but i cant really choose where to go.
Im not that good in artistic things so i would prefer to study the programming/technical side, i found that Full Sail have a pretty complete program but i dont know if there are schools that focalize on technical side so i would appreciate any advice about schools, where to go etc.
Im sorry if my language is not perfect ;(
Thank you for your help
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Hey Rainn,
I am currently in my 8th month at Full Sail and I really enjoy it. It is a programming based school (contrary to popular belief) it is almost all programming. I had little programming experience before i came here and it was hard at first but I am loving programming now. Well theres my input it is mostly a technical school.
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If you're unsure of going to the US, know that programming positions in game industry can usually be obtained with a four year programming related degree from any university. Start trying to figure out how much programming you're interested in.

Career Paths in the Game Industry - Programming

How to Break in as a Game Programmer

- Beth
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