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i know many will disagree with me but i think video game is an art if the player allows it to be and if the developers allow it to be. developers can make a very beautiful game with an excellent story, great character development, great setting but if they were to fill in all the gaps with gore, mayhem, constant fighting, death etc. then that is what the player will see. not the story, not the characters, not the setting. (i'm not saying that gore and mayhem isn't art but it's every where and it to me has become a cliche in video games)
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That is it, I'm going to cut my ear off*, that will prove to everyone we are artists.

*I am not really going to do this, and I do not claim to be the Van Gogh of gaming
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I've been beyond caring for a long time. To me, games don't need to be art. They don't need to be anything more than what they are.
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