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Unhappy guys i suck at this [seeking senior advice]

I like to sketch. I've never really done a hardcore project. I never had a need and i just never finish my work. Back when I was small I was awesome at drawing. I'm talking 2-3rd grade stuff wining all kinds of awards and winning contests.

Since then I have not been in a art class in over ten years. the fact that I'm 20 pretty much means my art education is around a kindergarten level. I never really learned any art stuff i feel. I have not really drawn since then just a few sketches over the years.

Now I'm interested in art again, mainly special effects. So before I get serious about going into art is it as much of a GAMBLE as I've read up on? Do they judge based on what you can do ..or will they assist you in helping you better? I am a bit confused. Is this a path that I will need to have "it" in order to get any kind of job? I mean you guys are all pros compared to me. It would take me forever to get on the level of art here, it's quite depressing actually.
I just did a 2 hour sketch.(yes i know that is way too long) The image should be viewed turned to the right just once more (so the probe is to the lower right). I know things are not lined up or even. It is just a doodle, the only one I've done in YEARS actually. Sadly I used a mechanical pencil for this.

SORRY FOR THE LONG READ. I just wanted to know what level am I at? How bad is it? What level would you guys say I need to start at? Right now I feel like it sucks so bad compared to the stuff here that there is no point in even pursuing a art career.
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I think its a good start. I don't know much about getting into art roles so I'll leave that for others to advise, but I do think that if it's want you want to pursue then you need to practice every day drawing lots of different things.
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The best way I can put it is that you have to be good to get in and get better to stay in.
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I never used to be good at writing. I struggled alot with grammar and spelling in my youth. I wasn't really creative as much as I was inventive and couldn't really structure my ideas in reports. Eventually I picked it up though, after trawling forums for a few years and being forced into writing alot of essays during my GCSEs, ALevels and degree.

Keep it up, stick to it.
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Adrir, what is your main goal of learning art or drawing?

My advice to you concerning beginning to hone your skills is this;

1. Take a beginning drawing class, yes they can be boring but you will learn to become one with your pencil. Learn everything that instructor has to teach you, and go beyond his expectations. Short and Sweet, spend the time!

2. Start looking for artwork. Do you like comics? What about playing cards like Magic or Yugioh(spellcheck). Screenshots and video game websites have all kinds of media. Capture your favorite images and save them for reference.

3. Take your favorite image ever and start drawing it. I remember sitting down at a table and promising myself that; "I am not getting up from this seat until I finish this." If you have that type of mentality you will begin to progress.

4. Lastly, BE PATIENT! By small and simple means are great things made...

Good Luck, Adrir
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Wink good

have a break,listen some musics on itunes,

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This question has been asked before; drawing is an acquirable skill, quite an easily acquirable skill at that. You have probably found that just since you started drawing again without instruction your art has improved, even from when you started the drawing one picture to the time it took to finish you will have noticed your skills improved.

'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' is a book that can turn anyone into an artist - google it, ebay or your local library should have a copy. It teaches observation skills as well as some high school art skills you missed out on like setting a ground etc.

However, if you just draw for 15mins a day for a whole year you will become a good artist technically, but short courses and teaching books help.

Also explore different mediums - especially game based ones; make a few simple 3d models in blender or similar, try some clay sculptures, pixel art some sprites, do some vector drawing, skills in one art form are transferable and develop you as an artist + the more well rounded you are then the more employable you are.
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