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Question Getting into character animation.

I have just finished a Computer Science (Games Development) degree where we pretty much just focused on programming and after finishing I've realised that I don't think programming is what I really want to do (something I probably should have realised a while ago but that's besides the point).

I have always been interested in character animation however have never really done any, I've dabbled with it in Blender due to using it for the Dare to be Digital competition and I've made a simple walk cycle and things like a crouch, aim and salute anim for a soldier character however that is really it.

Now that I am finished with Uni I've got a lot of free time over summer to work on learning this and building up some form of portfolio however I'm not sure how to start besides just buying a couple of good books (but which?) and jumping in.

I was thinking of asking the company where I did my industrial placement if I could do some form of internship where I just shadow an artist for a while however not sure if they would go for that.

Any advice would be fantastic.


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If you are going for an internship, you will (should) be actually working and hopefully under a mentor. Apart from self learning (either from books or tutorials), you can look into a possibility or a training skills course such as or ones that are even shorter.
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