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Hi, I live in Singapore and I've just graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.

The game development scene here is pretty new but expanding fast with the 3 biggest companies, Koei, Ubisoft and EA setting up in the last 5 years or so, as for videogame education, Digipen and some of the local vocational institutes starting courses in Game Programming/Art in the last year or so.

One of the biggest barriers (imaginary maybe) is the idea that someone needs to have a programming or art background before having the chance of remotely being considered. While I understand that someone with a outstanding demo reel might stand a higher chance of getting in, this prevailing idea is dampening my spirits a little.

I plan to take up a temp job and build my portfolio first while working on C++ and programs like 3D Maya, photoshop and level editors to get a foot in the door and then work towards a producer position and maybe a MBA to go corporate after 10-15 years.

But I don't want to become a programmer or an artist to get to that position.
Is that possible? I feel like I have everything I need, creativity, passion for games and writing ability. Just born in the wrong country, wrong time and have the wrong degree.
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If you want to be a producer, have you considered a role as an assistant producer? All positions and philosophies vary from company to company, but typically the role is considered an entry-level job for careers in production.

Originally Posted by Example Job Advert
Recruiting for an AP to be a part of this well known and highly regarding games studio.

The AP will assist the producer with the day to day running of the project, the role will be diverse and challenging including some of these duties:

- Ensuring the timely delivery of milestones, whilst adhering to strict quality standards.
- Supporting and advising leads regarding priority tasks, assisting with maintenance of schedules
- Communicating information to the team, taking minutes, writing reports, maintaining spreadsheets and running databases.

The essential skills which I am looking for include:

- Proven management experience
- Ability to work to tight deadlines
- Effective communication - both written and oral, as well as strong organisational and multi-tasking.

If you have any of these "desirable skills" then it would be an advantage:

- Experience of working on at least one shipped game
- Knowledge and experience of Agile development methodologies (eg SCRUM)
An alternative path might be to get into Quality Assurance and then work yourself into a QA management / production position.
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thanks, but because of the economy, it's been really hard to find new projects that require new testers or PAs. An EA asst producer told me that 6 months before I graduated they stopped hiring. (What luck)

I plan on doing something else in the meantime before I get into the industry so it's a good idea for me to pick up something that starts me higher on the ladder or closer to the position I'm looking for.
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