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Default What software and equipment do i need to learn?

I've been involved with music, and more specifically game music for a long time. (i can go into this a lot more, but i might as well save my breath as its not really relevant to the post. in short, i love game music) I had always wanted to go to school for digital music or sound engineering or what not, but due to not following my gut instincts, i did things differently that i really regret. Alas, we cant change the past. I've thought about going back to school for an education in the major i originally wanted to do from the start (music or game design), but it feels like too much a drop of money and time, a drop im not sure i want to swallow.

Thus, i really am trying to teach myself. I am very versed in music composition and theory, and also a good performer, but i lack a lot of technical and equipment skills. Up until now, i have used only Finale and Sibelius (much more so Sibelius) for my compositions, and while using their VSTs and effects in program, i have achieved "good" sounding compositions, but not "great" ones. I also only querty or mice in the notes, and sometimes MIDI in, i havent done any live recording simply because im not familiar with the equipment or software for it. Some people have told me that Sibelius and FInale are more then capable of making professional sounding songs, but i am not impressed by the program, at least for trying to make professional sounding songs. I will admit that most of the ochestral sounds are top notch, but anything electronic or modern is pretty awful...

Where im at now is wondering what software and equipment i really need to learn in order to succeed as a music composer, be it in video games, or freelance in other places. I feel like i have the creativity, drive, and knowledge to compose music, but i have yet to learn the technical skills to implement my skills in a professional workforce. I've really been thinking to go back to school for it, so i can be SHOWN what i need to learn how to use, but maybe if theres anyone here that can fill me in on the common software and equipment used, i just might be able to teach myself yet. Like i said, its at the point now where i just need to know what the pros use in a daily day on the job, so i can know where to begin learning.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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