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Talking fancy giving me some help?

hi im new here,
im intrested in the games industry as a graphic designer, like designing new monsters and levels all 3d and stuff, i have the newest version of blender and gimp and can do a few things. Im starting a course next september in game design. If anyone could give me pointers on
-What do Employers look for
-Can a get and apprenticeship or work experience
-How can i improve my skills without a computer 24/7

Help is much appreciated

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How old are you? I assume 17-18 because you state that you are starting a course next year.
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Check out the portfolio's on cg society, the thing to remember portfolio's is your work has to be good, professional, and yet different so they will remember yours over the hundreds of other resumes

-What do Employers look for
Passion, Skills in 3d art and design, COMMUNICATION

-Can a get and apprenticeship or work experience
Yes but you might have to relocate for one, or be like me and try to find something close first and then develop from there. lol I'm on my 2nd internship

-How can i improve my skills without a computer 24/7
When you do not have access to a computer, work on your manual art skills, drawing, painting, reading, work on your social skills and do some self evaluation to make your art work better and to full understand the game industry try reading the countless articles and books out there. Remember research, practice, unpaid work. None of these are bad, try to do as much of them as humanly possible, but remember. Keep your life on the right track, you don't have to excommunicate yourself from the world.

Just some of the thoughts constantly running through my head hope this helps
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