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Also, I will say that those who have the discipline to teach themselves entirely tend to be "rockstars" and have a much better understanding of the craft.

That said, not everyone is capable of completely self-teaching themselves, or at least not beyond a certain level of expertise. Everyone learns differently, most need a structured form of learning, others can learn completely on the their own. Decide which is best (however, you should get a degree regardless).
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My input might not matter as much as some of these guys (Not as experienced), however, I recommend you learn something simple first. Also, what type of programming do you want to do? If it's internet based, I'd go toward Java, if it's computer-simulation or video game based, then you should probably head towards C++. Now then, the first programming language I'd learn before C++ is probably Python. It's great to start for beginners and is pretty powerful for how easy it works.

Learn the basics of Python because once you learn the stuff you should know, things will be SOOOO much easier.

Example: There are these things called "variables" in programming. What are variables? Variables are ways of defining certain code in your program so that you don't have to keep retyping it and instead, can type whatever you set the variable to.

ex = raw_input("Press the enter key or die.")

What does this mean? That means ex is the code I put in. A very simple code, but if I ever put ex, it will put in that code.

The best thing about Python is probably that it's free and easy to learn.

I recommend watching these youtube tutorials. This guy is actually pretty good at explaining Python, however, I VERY MUCH recommend that you follow along. Do what he does, learn by doing it.
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