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Default New Thread!

There hasn't been a new thread in here for a while, so here's a game for us all to play to stir up the creative juices.

How you play is by talking about an old game that you've played that you would like to see made into a next-gen game. Say why the game merits an update, and describe what that update would be. Would it be just graphics (boring), a re-imagining of the setting, or a gameplay redesign or what?

The most important thing is to take any and all responses to your idea very personally, and to compare your idea to other people's and rank all ideas numerically, and always worry about yours being the best, and to not have fun.

I'm going to start with a post of mine from over at Gamasutra about Road Rash on the Sega Genesis.

Road Rash would make a cool next-gen game because nothing with that white-knuckle chain-whipping violence exists today. It is the basic principles of a racing game in which you're trying to make your opponents crash, but you also have gritty weapons and actually get to hit the driver and not just the car. Alright so, this isn't a very strong argument to update Road Rash. Just read my ideas...

How about Road Rash as a Running of the Bulls? The game play is basically the same, but you're on foot, competing to stay alive in front of a sea of horns and hooves. Instead of knocking someone off their bike, you beat them up enough to make them trip, and then watch as their bones are crushed by the bulls. Every so often a rogue bull stampedes ahead, knocking people flat, but you can climb on it and run people down! Consider all the obstacles that could cross your path as you run through the streets of Spain. Hilarity would ensue. Of course, piggy-back rides, clotheslines, hair pulling and dramatic hand-holding would all be key elements of combat.
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Cool idea bob.
Originally Posted by bob View Post
I'm going to start with a post of mine from over at Gamasutra about Road Rash on the Sega Genesis.
Road Rash was such a great game. Did you happen to see this video? I'm not sure if this is an actual pre-vis or just someone messing around, either way pretty cool.
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I'd like to see a Battletoads game. These games always had a good sense of humor, combined puzzles and flat-out mayhem, and different stages often offered incredibly different varieties of gameplay.
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