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Hey all,

I'm a UK University student in the second year of a marketing, PR and communications course.

We're required to get 3 weeks work experience in a PR company as part of the course and - I can only assume - to help us get a job when we finally graduate.

Obviously, I'd like to do my work experience in the game industry at some level. I assume this would be either a PR agency that focuses on gaming in general or the relatively few companies that would have a sizeable enough PR or marketing department to take students on.

I'd be happy to go anywhere in the English speaking world to get the relevant experience - I work online right now so I can travel easily and suppot myself.

My problem is I'm not sure how to best approach the firms. I've compiled a list of likely candidates from the PR list over at Gamespress and I've got a list of around 12 companies in the US/UK that sound promising - all agencies. Many of them don't mention work experience or only accept 3-4 month 'summer' placements that aren't all that feasible for me.

I was wondering if anyone here knew of agencies or companies in the US or UK (or Canada!) that are well known for taking on students, or if there's any other master list of PR people that work with the games industry that I should know about. After that I assume it's just a case of emailing the ones I have with my CV and covering letter!
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Ubisoft does a student PR program on campuses, you should look into that.
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You apply for a short internship pretty much the same way you apply for a job.
All the game publishers (look for lists of them at have marketing/PR people, and may offer internships. But 3 weeks is a VERY short internship.
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