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Default My old, rotting work. It's for you!

This is probably/most definitely an Other/Off-Topic thread. Only you can decide.

Anyway, I'd love it if if people went to my site and checked out some of the development work my brother and I have been involved with since 2002. This is all side-project, mod-stuff as we were trying to start a company (ko Entertainment Software). Old work for us, new work for you.

It's just a bunch of stuff we worked on over the years and represents, to a certain degree, how our skills developed over the years. This stuff has never been seen before, except by a few select individuals around the world and we would like more people to see it.

There are downloads for Return to Castle Wolfenstein maps, a beta Quake 3 TC (very beta) and (early) levels created for Quake 1 under the Tenebrae 1 graphics engine. Check out:]

and go to the 'Historical Works' section.

Anything with 'History' and 'Work' is sure to get attention, right?

Thanks peeps. If you want screenshots here, instead of relying on blind faith like they did in the 30's (hey, I'm good for it, honest!), reply here.

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