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Default accredited game design schools?

i am looking for 4 year bachelor degree in game design but i have heard some bad thing about nationaly accredited colleges, so can you tell me the difference between nationally and regionally accredited schools?is it true that nationaly accredited schools are not very good and it may be very difficult to find a job with a bachelor degree from these colleges?
i would like to know from which colleges in game design degree you ll have the more chances being invited in an interview?
i just want to know a few colleges that are known in the game industries a lot and have a good reputation.

can u tell me your opinion about these schools or what you know in case u have studied there?
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Well, it would be handy to know where you're actually from so that people could give you advice.
Though I'm guessing you're from America, in which case I can't help you.

Degrees won't necessarily get you a job, but working on various projects with different people during the course should definitely help. It'll allow you to network and learn by doing, which is the best way to learn.
It all comes down to skill, 'do you know how to design a game?'

If you complete the course and all you have is a nice little paper as an answer...

You will need a portfolio more than you need that degree. Actual, tangible representations of your designing prowess.

Edit: Wait... wait.. wait... Husky2449, wolfy2449?

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Originally Posted by Isaak View Post
Edit: Wait... wait.. wait... Husky2449, wolfy2449?
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