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Default Game Programming Challenge 3: Indirect Control

Welcome to the third Game Programming Challenge (after a rather long break)!

The Challenge
This challenge this time is to make a game where you do not directly control the main character, but instead manipulate them by placing obsticles in the world, changing their skills or any other means of controlling the game, where you cannot physically control the main character / characters. Here are a few examples of how it has been done in the past...

In Lemmings you would guide your lemmings (who will always walk i the direction they are facing, regardless of the dangers) to the level exit by assigning them skills such as "Floater", "Climber", "Miner" and "Bridger" to help them overcome the obsticles in their way.

In Chu Chu Rocket! you would direct the Chu Chu's to their rocket ships by placing directional arrows on the floor which would make them change direction.

In Locoroco you would tilt the entire world to cause your characters to roll in the desired direction.

The Deadline
The deadline for this challenge is Monday 3rd May 2010 (submissions should be made on or before this date). You may find it useful to submit your game early to make sure that the judges can run it on their computers. Source code does not need to be submitted, only the executable file and any assets it needs to run.

To submit your game you can upload it to your own web space and provide the link in this thread, or we can set up an e-mail to send it to (PM me for the e-mail address).

Additional Information
You may use any language you desire, providing the end result can be played by the judges easily. You may reuse code that you have already written in the past. Projects can be submitted by a lone programmer or by a team. Please try to keep the file size down when submitting a game. Also if you are taking part it would be good to know, so we can judge the success of the challenge. If you need any help, or advice on any aspect of your game, feel free to ask. Finally why not make a post/thread to tell us about your project?

Results from Andrew - Mobile Games producer

The Entries
Placeholder Pawk by Nilbmar
Total Score: 22

PewPew Lazor! by Protector One
Total Score: 31

Crossfire by Killerapathy
Total Score: 0 (due to the game not functioning)

Sketch Lemmings by Claxon
Total Score: 30

The results are in! Check the judges section for links
The highest marks went to Protector One for Pew Pew Lazor!

Goto Game Programming Challenge 2

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