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Default Subject to study

Hi everyone,
I would like to know which subject is the best to study for my needs. I am about to graduate the gymnasium and I am drifting between several possibilities. I am keen on working with graphics tablet or hand, I would like to develop strong skills in photoshop and painter as well as other various programs which are used in creating computer graphics. I do not have enough knowledge to indicate which course is the best for my needs, so I would be very helpful if someone could explain me which of these is for me:
Art and Design
Digital Art
Or recommend me something else

I do understand that Art and Design is not completely focused on my needs, but I have read some biographies where conceptual artists graduated this course. Is it worth studying game design, because I think that this course is more like an introduction instead of developing skills, since most of the gaming industry workers are specialized in either programming, design, animation... I might be wrong, please comment if you know or attend this kind of course.
I have graduated Art School (4 years) of traditional arts and I am planning to work on computer graphics (with photophop) at home. I am very thankful for anyone, who explains or at least comments why should I choose one course over another. I would like to work as a conceptual artist or designer at video games or movie industry in the future. Thank you for your help.

PS Sorry for creating topics which have been spoken before, but everyone has a different needs.

I am not asking to decide for me, I am simply gathering more and more information about future studies.

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That's impossible to answer as each University will probably teach the course slightly differently from one another despite having the same named course. You need to check the details of the course(s) from each University/College and judge which one will teach what you want to know. If you need more information then contact them for further details.
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