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Default The right path.

I've already been told a few things about taking the right courses to get into the gaming world, but I find myself limited by my options a bit, so that's the basis for starting up this thread.

I'm currently attending University in Southern Ontario, Canada (I'm Canadian, so naturally...) but there seems to be no path from here leading into the video game industry.

To start things off, I want to be in the design aspect, yes a video game Designed, hopefully leading up the a video game director, and if I'm lucky a company owner, in which I have more control over what projects are being worked as well as what they're about (narrative, art, genre, gameplay aspects etc), this is mostly because while I'm pretty good at some things, what I like to do most is to make stuff up.

Here lies my predicament.

All video game design programs in Canada are college based, and while the choice would seem obvious, attending University has two crucial factors to it. A) My parents want me to have a University Degree and B) I want my University degree as a fallback plan... should something go wrong.

So getting as remotely close as I can get to video game design, I'm in the computer science program, I'm taking a creative writing course (outside the program requirements) and I'm looking into an economics and an animation course (also outside program requirements).

I know like most art forms the best way to get in is to have a portfolio, but not only is school taking away time from that, but I feel like I'm on the wrong path to becoming a designer.

Can any professionals give me some advice?

What other courses might I need? Are there any easy ways (preferably cheap) to get started on making my own gaming portfolio? and I suppose, while I have the opportunity, what fallback plans do you guys have, should your company fail or by some cruel hand of fate get kicked out of the industry?

sorry if that last one was a little depressing...

Thanks in advance guys!
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