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Default QA vs. School

I was wondering if anyone here has some insight for me to help me frame a decision of mine...

I have a business degree from a well-respected program (undergraduate, Canadian) and have 6 years of working experience, 4 of which was in a software consulting / project management role. I have recently decided to make the switchover into games, and I am targeting an AP role in the short term. However, it seems like my resume is not sufficient to get me a even low-level production role right off the bat, and I am steeling myself to the realisation that my previous experience will be more valuable to me as just that -- experience -- rather than a prominent feather on my CV.

Since I don't have any programming or art experience, I feel like my options right now are either to
a) get in at the ground level at a company in QA, where I can prove myself, learn the industry, make an impression and progress from there; or
b) attend a post-grad program, like Game Design @ VFS, and learn the ropes from all angles, continue to build my network, force me to commit a very large portion of a year to learning every aspect of game production in a very condensed time period, produce some portfolio material, and expose me to elements of game production that I might find are more appealing to me than a role in production, and/or might give me a head start on producing something on my own or guiding further self-directed learning.

I suppose I have another option, that is c) to try to learn a 'trade' skill on my own, or to develop a game on my own by using my coordination/leadership skills... but i don't feel like this is the best PRIMARY use of my time for me.

Does this analysis seem correct? Are there major things that I'm missing?

With respect to a),
- Are there other entry-level positions I could apply for? I could find something on the corporate side, but I feel as though they wouldn't give me as much direct experience or contact to the actual process of making games.
- Is a higher position in QA realistic as an entry point? Or quick to advance to if I can 'prove myself'?
- I realise this requires some generalizing or ball-parking, but how long can the progression from QA to an AP position be these days (it's difficult to find up-to-date info on this).

With respect to b),
- knowing that no one has a crystal ball, is it realistic to try to get an AP job immediately after that? Or to get a job in QA anyway but, all things being equal compared to going into QA right now, be able to advance more quickly than if I hadn't taken the program?

Lots of questions. Possibly some Sloperama answers I missed. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated


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I ain't reading all those words.
Break in through QA. It's a perfectly fine way to go.
Unless you WANT to go back to school -- that is perfectly fine too. But you still might have to break in through QA.
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QA to AP is probably the most common route; I've not heard of many APs who didn't go via QA. All I'd say, is get into a development studio QA team, rather than a publisher. You have a much better chance of moving into a development AP role from there.
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