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Default Hello from Dubai


Im an Interior Designer graduated with a BFA in Interior Design in 2009 and have been working in ths field until today. though my main passion is designing fictional vehicles/automobile and other mechanical art something i enjoyed doing since I was 12.. The downpart is I never had the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Nowadays, aside from my main job, im working with an online development team on a project based on the UDK; developing for them game art sketches of vehicles, characters and various designs for sprites and the HUD to model and implement into the game..

I find that this is the right place for my to make best use of my talent and find that It would be great to start a career in developing art for video games yet I am still researching about where to start as I live in Dubai and there is no careers, colleges or developers here related to the video game industry..

I do have a couple of friends with the same passion one is a programmer and the other is a modeler, we would like to start something together someday and I look forward to it..

I find that I am passionate and productive for this project and it can help me achieve a decent portfolio and a good background in video game development not to mention the fact I have to work with 'scaleform' graphics.

I can do pencil drawings, speed painting on photshop and use autocad aswell to develop sprites for widgets and other geometric 2d art..

This is a link for my work so far:

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