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Default Take a look at UMBC?

Even though I already took the time to teach myself C#, I could learn far more at college and have a firmer understanding with college. Rather than just getting a degree I want to get a "degree" that is useful if you get what I am saying.

UMBC is one college I really like, my friends at College Confidential recommended it and also my guidance counselor approves, plus it is close to home.

I just want to see what you guys, who actually have experience in the industry have to say about UMBC and it's program.

Here are the classes I will take "plus the regular liberal arts, mathematics, etc"

Thanks for the time
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There seems to be a lack of math in the course which worries me a little...
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if you want to be a programmer and you want to get a degree, get a legit Computer Science degree, sure it's not specifically about games... but, game development is software development, at least when it comes to programming.

With that game degree, your only hope would be working at a game company, but with the comp sci, you'll be able to work anywhere that needs a programmer. Which means that you'll be able to support yourself and get professional experience as a programmer while you continue to work on getting into the industry.
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