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Default Time management game tutorials

Hi everybody! Im really trying to get into game design by any means necessary. I am currently finishing up my Associates in Computer Systems which is not too related to gaming but is related to programming and networking. My main question is does anyone know where I might find a good walk through on coding a time management game (Dinerdash like). I have a neat idea for the genre and want to make it but my programming skills are mostly limited to Visual C# doing applications. I want to do the game in Flash using AS3 and have no experience with that. I really dont even know where to start the coding process. I have done a couple really basic tutorials on games but nothing like what I have planned. I dont expect this game to be a million dollar success, I just want to have something I can add to my portfolio. The other idea I had was working with someone who is a programmer. I dont plan on being a programmer (I do not care for super math), I'm really into level design and I really love the design process. That and I am still finishing school with a fulltime job and a family and working on maps to really dive into a programming language like AS3. Sorry this is so long but thank you in advance for reading and welcome any and all thoughts.
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I might be able to help! I am looking to build a portfolio in games as well
I sent you a PM too.
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