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Post Looking for meaningful help in school game school selcting

Hi I don't know if you guys remember me or not but a few months ago I stared asking questions about full sail university, well suffice to say I ended up there.

And have since learned that:

There accreditation is a JOKE and they don't care.

classes cost close to 2 grand and are not reflected in the quality of the teaching or the computers commonly issued out to students depending on your major, upgrading them to work more efficiently is frowned upon.

And my home state which I'd preferred to have worked in of IL after finishing up here is like most of the colleges in the nation and does not respect or honor a full sail degree.

Some majors interns have come out so ****y that getting work is almost determined by not even mentiong that full sail is where your degree is from.

Note:That's coming from a teacher behind close doors said to me after 3 alumni who graduated 3 years before me told me to get out while I can

Some of the teachers have no job exp. and went directly into teaching at fullsail upon graduation.

So it is unfortunate that I have to get the hell outta dodge basically.

And am wondering do any of you guys know a school with PROPER accreditation for people looking for undergraduate game related degress, because the digital counselor doesn't tell me where or how a school is accredited?

I'd prefer a school in or near IL that takes undergraduates.

Any help would be appreciated, I'd like to be art director but I'm well aware no school gives out art directing degrees yet so I've picked up learning proper scripting middle level video production photoshop illustrator and have take digital graphic designing.

Oh and event production and management specifically for video games.(which is just a nice way of saying I makes me some video game parties and no no the kind in your parents basement the kind in hotels)
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