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Question Starting as a Game Journalist

Hi there. I know there are plenty of resources around the web detailing routes into game journalism, but I feel that no matter how many I read, I'm not getting the answers I'm looking for.

I live in the UK, and I'm 25 next month. My work history includes video editing and camerawork for a corporate/broadcast video agency, and I'm currently working as a media and computer hardware technician for the local council. I completed a Film Studies A Level and Media Studies A Level at college about 5 years ago (both consisted mainly of structured critical writing), but I opted not to continue to University.

I've finally decided on the definite career path I want to follow. Writing (both creative and journalistic) has always come naturally to me, and I'd like to pursue a career as a video game journalist. I can't go to University now due to financial reasons and certain responsibilities I've apparently adopted over the past few years, so I need to find another route. Internships aren't an option either, as I need a steady source of income regardless of what course of action I take.

I started adding content to my vacant blog just over a month ago, although I could've started much sooner. Below is a link to a recent post.

I'm sure my writing style isn't fantastic, but I think a little guidance and a specific target audience could tidy it up nicely.

Okay this is not a CV/Resume, but here are some additional journalistic skills I've gained through experience.
  • PC hardware and operating systems knowledge (always useful when reviewing games performance)
  • Photographic skills with various current model digital SLRs
  • Video interview technique exercised on professional clients
  • Design with Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Suite applications

And as one might expect, I'm also playing games regularly on Xbox 360 and on PC. Due to my education, I study all entertainment mediums with an analytical eye and form a solid and unmoving opinion of them. I'm also careful to ensure I've fully researched the facts before I go forcing my opinion on others, as any argument will no doubt fall flat if its logic is undermined.

So, I love to write, but I'm not sure where to go from here. I feel I don't have enough experience to warrant sending samples off to potential employers, and I'm worried they might laugh me off anyway.

Any help or guidance here would be hugely appreciated, especially from those who might have overcome the same obstacles I'm currently facing.

Or failing that, are there any other jobs out there that might match my ambitions or be relevant to my skillset that I'm overlooking? Any advice is gratefully accepted

Many thanks in advance!
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