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Old 11-22-2011, 04:34 AM   #1
Joshua Temblett
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Default D-Pad is looking for volunteer writers!

My name is Joshua Temblett and I am the Editor-in-Chief of UK-based, video gaming website D-Pad is the sister site of

D-Pad is a news site, updated daily with all the latest video gaming news. The idea behind D-Pad is to try to provide news without bias or opinion. I am sure many of you have been to variety of video gaming news website only to find that a news piece about Nintendo is full of insults, or some news about PC gaming where the writer spends one paragraph complaining about using a keyboard and how a controller is the best thing in the world.

Well, I have gotten pretty tired of that. The reason why I go to gaming websites is to get news; I do not want to be converted to someone else’s way of thinking in a news post about Sony. I just want to see the news and make up my own opinion about it.

Enter D-Pad, a place where you can get the news without all the rubbish that is normally attached. People assume that because the news pieces do not have opinion or bias in them they will be boring, but that’s not the case. We are looking for talented writers who can make the news funny and appealing without having to rely on making slurs about other companies/video games.

Naturally we understand that being a part of the video gaming industry, you will want to write about your feelings and opinions from time to time. D-Pad will allow you to do that.

If you are interested in applying for the job then write two short, 100 – 300 words, news pieces about anything video game related.

Then email them to me at joshuatemblett[at] (replace the [at] with @) with the header: D-Pad Volunteer Writer. Put the news pieces in the email; please do not send me an email with a word document attached with the articles in the word document. At the end of the email feel free to write a bit about yourself and why you want the job or to put some links to your personal blog. If you do not have a personal blog then that’s fine, do not worry. We are looking to accept anyone, regardless of how new they are to the industry.

This job requires a lot of responsibility, so please bear that in mind when you apply. You will be required to update D-Pad with gaming news several times during the week.

Please remember this job is a volunteer job. Although, in the future there may be more options available to you depending on the website’s performance.

In return you will be given a special title on our forum and may occasionally get a free game to review. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee you will get any games to review as it completely depends on what publishers want to give us.

I have very large plans for both Candlelight Studios and D-Pad, and we are constantly growing as a website. Even though I cannot guarantee you that much, what I can guarantee you is that you will be a part of something truly special. We will be going places, and fast. The question is: do you want to join us on our journey?

If the answer is yes, then I look forward to working with you and I cannot wait to see what the future will hold for us.

Joshua Temblett
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Default Re: D-Pad is looking for volunteer writers!

For reference, the link is:
Michael 'Adrir' Scott :: Games, Virtual Worlds, Education
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Default Re: D-Pad is looking for volunteer writers!

I am interested in it. Only one question: do I have to wirte contents in English only? And, if English is the main (or only) language of the website, can I get some backlink with an anchor text in a foreigh language. It would be natural and not forced, obviously.
Let me know,

In the meanwhile I wish you a great 2012.

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