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Default Where to get a Masters in Marketing


I am looking to go back to school to get a masters in marketing based in the entertainment field. I am having some issues with this process. I'm willing to go anywhere to get the degree so location has no affect. The career/education guides on this site don't represent the business side of the game industry well. I have read a good number of Tom Sloper's entries in his "School-O-Rama" as well as "The Games Game" on and may I say they were quite helpful with my decision making process. Making these points known I will ask the standard question everyone wants to know; What schools do you recommend that encompass the degree I am looking for? I understand there is no Entertainment Marketing Masters laying there ready for me, but I am willing to create one for myself. I have looked at University of Southern California as they have a great business school as well as a media undergrad program which I might be able to become involved with in some way. They are also located in LA which would be a prime spot for an internship of some sort that might provide some connections. Are there any other schools that come to mind?

Now that I have asked my question, I will give a quick blip on myself. Perhaps knowing me will bring up some questions or comments. I have a degree from Full Sail University of which I am very proud. I was Salutatorian of my Digital Arts and Design degree with a minor in Game Development. As of right now I am working in the food industry which I have known for my whole life, but also designing advertisements and campaigns for various local companies. Of course I am a gamer of all varieties and a complete nerd all around. I loved the high speed pace of Full Sail and the atmosphere of nerds everywhere. There is nothing better than a 3 day long launch game lan and mountain dew party.

So there is my question and my quick recent bio. I do help someone has some information on this topic that can help point me in the right direction. Thank you so much!

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