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Default From South to North


I'm Jessica, 18, currently reading through all the information I can find about getting into the video game industry, but while there is a lot of information when your starting point is the U.S.A, there is not much out there when your country has an almost non-existent game industry, like mine; Venezuela.

There is a lot I have learned that I will need to take into account, so I'm trying to find out what would be the best path for me to take.

Financially, the more forgiving path would be to study here and get what I think would be considered a "bachelor" (Here it's five years instead of four. I'm still figuring out the different terms and equivalents) in something computer/software related, while dabbling on my own with gaming things. Like photoshop, 3ds max, game mods, learning how to make small mini games, online courses, reading, etc, and then move to the States. Would that actually be worth something once I go?

Or do I have to move to the States now and go to collage there, which honestly intimidates me because, good god, you do have quite the expensive collage education. I would have to look more into that path. I've seen some foreigner programs and the TOEFL.

I think I want to focus on gaming design, I'm not 100% sure yet.

I will continue investigating on the subject, any input you can give me is greatly appreciated.

Apologies for any grammar/spelling mistake. Perfecting my english is my first goal.
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