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Default Need Help!! A critical decision in my life

I'm not a native English Speaker, so forgive me for my language proficiency.

I'm currently enrolled in Simon Fraser University majoring in Interactive Arts and Technology. I will be a 3rd year student after summer. The name "IAT" sounds vague and seems to be game industry related, but no, it is not. There are only 3 to 5 courses related to game in a 4 year curriculum.

The school intends to let us expose to different kinds of media and design field so that we can become designers with flexible thinking and not ground to specific theory and medium. The idea is great, but I would say it turns out to be disastrous as we will graduate without any specialized skills and focus.

Since my first year, I learned graphic design, filming, experience (interface) design, 3D animation (from modeling to animation in 1 term), software hardware interaction, information design, game design, architecture and urban planning study, and interactive art forms. All included in the first two years of curriculum.

Since if I want to pursuit a game industry related career, I will definitely need to attend a career training school after graduation, I started to think about an alternative path. As it will still take me roughly another 3 or 4 years, why not I just transfer/apply a game design dedicated program?

And so I did some research and looking for schools that has a game design focus program.

My first pick is Digipen, Bachelor of Art in Game Design.
As this seems to be one of the few program that really focus on the design aspect of making a game while also providing some fundamentals about arts.

I understand that, though the quality of the portfolio is still the most important, some employers also treat 4 years regular education as a big plus. Yet, I'm not quite sure if that includes 4 year BA from schools alike Digipen.

My question is:
Is this the right choice for me to give up a much widely accepted Degree at this point, and go for schools like Digipen?
Or should I just finish my current Degree and think about additional training afterwards?

If school accreditation and Degree is not really that important, but hard work and good quality portfolio. Are there any other schools that offers Game Design focus program while covering some art fundamentals and 3D animations, similar to BAGD in Digipen?

It will be a big help if anyone can give me some suggestion as I am currently applying for Digipen, but hesitate if this is right for me.
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