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Hello All,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Will. I'm a 25 year old air traffic controller in the US Navy, looking to transition into a new career. Ever since I was young, I've enjoyed anything and everything related to video games. I've always wanted to be the one creating them, and the thought of something I helped create giving people an outlet to relax and have fun has always been my motivation. For me, the programming aspect of video games has always intrigued and amazed me.
When I was 12, I learned basic programming simply by reading any and every tutorial I could find on the internet. And I just adored it. I would sit on my computer days on end and just write little programs that would be boring to anyone else using them. Like, text-based RPGs where a scenario would occur and you'd have to pick 1 out of 4 choices. Then when I found out about RPG Maker 2000, I was so excited to download it and try it out and make my very own "video game".
Flash forward more than a decade, and I'm no where near where I thought I was going to, or wanted to be. I have no secondary education. I took a semester at my state college for computer science after I graduated. But due to unforeseen circumstances, (and admittedly, some poor decisions) that was it. So, now, I'm an air traffic controller, and while it's a great job, and it's very fun (sort of like playing a video game), It's not what I want to spend my whole life doing.

Online school is preferably what I'm looking for, since I have a family, and I can't just be a full-time student that goes to class everyday.

I'm thinking about DeVry. The course sounds great and it seems like what I want, but when I look up reviews about it, I only get discouraged. "Employers wouldn't even blow their nose with that piece of paper." or similar statements. From what I've read on here, it seems as though the degree is just a pre-req for a job, and your motivation and willingness to set yourself apart from the competition is what really makes the difference. Well, I'd like to think that, but in all reality, is that true?

I don't want to waste any of my GI Bill money on a school that's not worth much. I know the road ahead is long and arduous, and I'm not afraid of that. I'm also not looking to do anything the easy way, and sacrifice enlightenment along the way.

Basically, I just want to know, is that online degree going to have a huge impact on my career options? (With the assumption that I'd give 100% no matter if I took online classes or physical classes.)
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