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Default Question about education

First off let me give a little history of myself. Im 25, just got out of the military where I was absolutely misserable. I've been doing some soul searching to figure out what carreer would be right for me. All roads lead to something to do with video games. Its what I love to do in my spare time, and lets be frank I even play games when Im supposed to be doing other things that are "Far more important."

To the point...

I love the art aspect of games. I always get the collector editions that come with the art books and such. My problem is that I love drawing as well, I can see exactly what I want to put on the paper in my mind, but then I put it down on the paper and it looks like a 5 year old drew it....

Im also very much into the story lines of games... Im not a big fan of games that have no story to them. So from that point I would just like to be an overall designer, create story concepts, maybe design quests? Im not really sure where this part of my interest could take me.

I know for a fact I couldnt be a programmer. Im not a genius at physics or anything, and computer coding just looks like chinese to me. Maybe because I've never gone out of my way to try in learn it, or maybe I just have no interest in it.

That being said, I have multiple notebooks full of game ideas, ways to improve games that ive played(not down to the programing level or anything, just things like how something should be done different etc...)

Now let me get to my ultimate point. Im looking at The art insitute of colorado. The curriculum seems to be very broad, it doesnt really focus on one major part of the game industry, it teaches you a little of everything, but with heavy emphasis on the art aspect. Which is really interesting to me... Im just worried that my art skills are something that cant be taught to me I guess? I draw alot, so it doesnt seem like its a matter of practice... Maybe just actually sitting in a class and learning from someone else, rather than trying to figure it out myself is what I need. Im still a little worried that Im going to use my GI bill up and that a degree from the art institute for game design would be a waste. Ultimatly my question is, how valuable is a degree from here in the industry?
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