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Default Nervous About Comparing!

Well I've been in these forums a bit in the past bit and I've noticed everyone saying it's all about portfolio. If you don't have a standout portfolio, you'll find it near impossible to get a job. So I stopped what I was doing and decided I needed to get working on new things for my portfolio to keep my skills up.

Now, my degree was an intro to animation, and also only a year long... but I am realizing that 5 months after graduation I didn't forget what I was taught, but I wasn't taught anything exactly. Reading directions and following those is easy, however the more vague the directions, the less I can fill in the details. So that means I was "taught" how to do those particular things but not why or the reasons behind the choices for most of those. For example, I decided I wanted to model my favorite car, the Nissan Skyline GT. I set up my viewports, and began modelling, but as soon as I smoothed the car it had obvious mistakes. Suddenly, I'm starting to wonder... I had an average of 95% and graduated pretty easily... now I'm wondering just how easy it was.

I suddenly feel like I paid $8500 for a computer, 3d studio max and adobe photoshop and some very kind support... but I don't feel like I've learned anything. Perhaps I didn't retain any information, but I really just think I wasn't taught the reasoning or methodology behind making cuts here or editing a polygon there. Wahoo to head aches. Anyone have any suggestions on where I should go to learn more about 3D Studio Max 8 (despite 9 being out now) or even a book?

Anyway thanks guys!
Tim Edwards
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