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Originally Posted by EvilLlama View Post
...The Bullet Time mode, which causes everything to slow down, lets you perform longer jumps, dodge bullets, etc is from Enter the Matrix--definitely a movie license, but it was still innovative.
Actually I believe Max Payne was the first to do bullet time.

Also I'm not saying they don't innovate (The Movies was awesome for activision, and Will Wright alone is one of my heroes.) but on their business plan it probably states X amount of sequels required. Instead of sequels or games based directly off movies, why in gods name don't they change something? I do appreciate the superman game trying to avoid the movie, but it still sucked. Maybe it is just a plague of movie based titles. Hmm, research required.

Perhaps I'm sad that the days of the indie seem to have gone down the drain. PC is the big indie scene it always has been, but even with the tools provided by Microsoft its so expensive to make a 360 game. Starting up your own company is now virtually impossible, at the very least improbable. As stated in an article I think I saw on this website (Perhaps the Valve one?) budgets keep going up and up while there are fewer and fewer big companies. One day I want to run and manage my own company. But saying something like budgets in the millions of dollars... man, that is just downright scary.

As for bashing Activision, it's merely a statement. I would gladly work for them if they'd take me but they don't operate out of Canada. I really want to stay in Canada. Ah well.

Tim Edwards
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