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I'm not sure exactly, but I'd think that using NWN would okay. I mean really it's about the content of the piece and what the portfolio is about that should get people's attention, not necessarily what engine is used. Although using a more recent engine would probably be good I don't think it'd be a horrible thing to use NWN instead of NWN2.
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Yes, NWN1 is fine. NWN1 is still used by Bioware to build their games, so Aurora as an engine is viable. Cutscenes in NWN1 are harder to set up than in NWN2, but if you already know Aurora, it's pretty easy. However, if you're just wanting to demonstrate your writing, all you need to know how to do is use the dialogue editor and work with DLG files, how to assign them to NPCs, and how to place those NPCs in game. As Bioware states on their website, you can have two NPCs in a grass field, as long as the writing is great. If you're wanting to showcase design as well, then you'll need to go more in-depth.

And if you plan on submitting to Bioware for a position, up until recently they only accepted NWN1 submissions, so you're fine.
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