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I might be interested in Sales / Marketing.

What's the salary like and what kind of education?

More information on this would be great.
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This link may help you

For education, you would probably want a degree in business, even if the degree isn't specifically orientated towards marketing games.
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For sales and marketing you can as EvilLlama mentioned go for a business degree. I my self just finish earning my AS in Business Administration and intend on getting my BS in the field as well. I'm very much interested in marketing as well so I'm getting a certificate for it by the end of the summer. There's a plethora of courses you can take to enhance your employability and knowledge in that field. I personally took:

Customer Service
Public Relations
Effective Communication
General Marketing
Principles of ADvertising

ANd a few others. If you are interested in the more creative side you maybe want to choose graphics courses as your electives. I would allow recommended Typography, Layout, and Color & Composition to your palette of knowledge.

Lastly I read this book was recommended "Videogame Marketing and PR" by Scott Steinberg. I personally haven't read it yet but plan on adding it to my library.
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