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Old 04-18-2008, 03:30 PM   #11
Uther Mortigast

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Originally Posted by TimEdwards View Post
Just my $.02.

That's 0.0199 USD, or 0.0100 GBP, currently.
I must find a more suitable host body....
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Originally Posted by Uther Mortigast View Post
That's 0.0199 USD, or 0.0100 GBP, currently.
On that subject, do Canadian arcade games still charge what they used too? When I was in Canada a few years back, arcade games that would be fifty cents here where two Canadian dollars. Have they been adjusted, or are arcades making incredible amounts of money?
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Arcades? The only arcade that is still around here is actually built inside an Empire Theatres (movie theatre for those of you unfamiliar). It takes Tokens, which you can buy 3 for 1$... and everything either takes 2 or 4 tokens.

To answer your question, to as if they make money, two words.


Tim Edwards
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Old 06-09-2008, 12:29 AM   #14

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Originally Posted by Cassandra View Post
Why do so many people consider this career in this field as a lazy, low class, wasteful field. If you tell someone they would think you're a lazy person who is making hardly any money.

with lazy- unhealthy, wasteful, fat, geeky, and a bit weird

Just curious
Mm its interesting that you associate game careers with the stereotype of the lazy game player - is that not like thinking that people who write and direct films are lazy wasteful people who sit in front of films all day?

I guess a career in creating games requires a diverse range of skills, from creative designing to technical computing. And who cares if you donīt make a million and that people think you you are weird if you do something you love AND that is so popular as a form of entertainment!

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