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Default UAT-University of Advanced Technology

Hello my name is John,

After much research I found that UAT might be the school for me, however, I was little worried. It seems as though private schools would pretty much take anyone as long as they have a piece of plastic in their wallet and a good credit rating or co-signer. So I'm a little worried. Last time I spoke to a student rep about a school I ended up in the wrong direction, TWICE!!! But this time I actually made an effort to study the curriculums at some school, and the employment rate for hiring in the career field. I found UAT was great because their Game programming was all about the games, which is my passion, and I love their curriculum since it's all about the games. Has anyone went to UAT or heard anything good or bad things about it??

Thank you,

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Default BitterSweet

Hello John,

I hope this message gets to you in time before you register for any school.

I am a game design student at UAT and hopefully this is my last semester. I'm also a Financial Aid refund officer at an educational outsourcing company here in Arizona. I have some comments and tips for you, and hopefully you'll take it with a lighter heart than I can when I say.....

UAT is an awesome school......but not worth the price.

They have just recently increased their tuition, for the 5th or 6th time since I started in 2005, and its now at $8700 a semester I believe. Being an accelerated school, if you pass all classes you might get out in 6 semesters, which means you'll spend about $52,200 without the cost of books/dorm. And the tuition goes up every other semester.....

Super expensive, I recommened going to community college to get all your general education credits, then transfer to a university and grab a BA in computer science/programming instead. That route will only cost you around 20-35k.

Not only that, game design/programming is one of those fields that DOES NOT require a degree to get a job. You are better off saving your $20,000 - using that to buy the art programs such as Photoshop/Illustrator/3DsMax/Maya/ C++- and then practice for 2 years using books you bought on your own, and research for a job yourself.

I wish I did that....

But do not let me discourage you. I'm merely trying to save you money. If you're not shy, you like to work in teams and create clubs and see yourself as a cool game nerd that will participate 100%, then go for it. That kind of personality can get a you a great network. But you need to ask yourself if 50-70k for a hype degree is worth that "networking". Or would you rather spend the money on art programs or game engines.

I'll try to check back in a few days to answer anyone's questions about attending art school. My experience is that many of my friends/classmates graduate and end up working at best buy while paying 60k for a BA. While a few do shine, many of us folks who THOUGHT we were driven and passionate end up making one of the worst financial decisions ever. I do hope someone on this board can refute me...I'd love to hear their success story against the backdrop of my gloomy advice.
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UAT just finished building an awesome dorm located right next to the university, which are availible to freshmans and ONLY freshmans.

Also, I graduated UAT! Guess how much I'm paying in PLUS and Subsidized loans (with over 4 FULL PELL (free grants) disbursements of around 2k each).....??



70k !!
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Bring a dead thread back to life,

That's the cost of school now a days. Almost all films schools will cost you low to mid six figures by the time you are done.

40-70k is fairly cheap in comparison to some other programs IMO.
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