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Default What strange, made-up games do you play?

I've been thinking about this week's game design challenge (spoken word) and decided to share with you all weird games my family and I play.

1. Wheat Thin Challenge. Take two Wheat Thins. Stack them and hold them between thumb and forefinger. Press together until one cracks. The cracked chip is the loser and gets eaten. The champion chip stays and challenges the next Wheat Thin to come out of the box. Repeat until full. You'll be amazed at how much you start to support a chip that has won multiple rounds.

2. You can argue that this is not a game, but I don't care what anyone says; my family and friends play this one and we love it. It's especially good on a long car ride. It doesn't have a name. Who ever decides to initiate the game asks a question. It can be any question. And everyone in the car answers. Often, it feels like a James Lipton interview, but it's fun. Some examples of questions are: "If you had to change careers, and education and money were moot, what would you do?" Or "If you could only eat one ethnicity of food again for the rest of your life, what would it be?" The question-asker can continue asking questions until she's bored, and then she says, "Who else wants to ask now?" That's it. No scoring. No winners. But it amuses us for quite some time.

What strange, made-up games do you play?
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