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Aw heck, why not? Here's mine.

Hero's name: Johnny Chao

Hero's age, gender, and race: 35, male, chinese

Physical characteristics, including attire: Similar to Andy Lau, with shorter cropped hair. Dresses in all black, dress shirt, tie, waistcoat, and slacks. Scars on his right forearm which he is very keen to hide. Unable to close his right hand.

Emotional, mental characteristics: Likeable and readily friendly, but withdrawn. Always polite, but goes out of his way to not get involved in anyone's buisness (or have anyone get involved in his).

Abilities and weapons: Competent, but not spectacular, with handguns and carries a 9mm with him which he mostly uses as a way to force his opponents into cover. Also uses a open palm, soft style of kung fu (think Tai Chi, but more acrobatic).

At least one element of character complexity: He is constantly troubled by his past mistakes.

At least one element of balance in abilities and weapon use: He is forced to engage in hand to hand combat to be fully effective, and even then his style is not as directly damaging and brutally efficient as others. As such, he relies on superior skill and insight to effectively counter his opponents.

Character backstory: Johnny, an abandoned orphan, grew up under the tutelage of his master and largely sheltered from the larger martial arts underworld. However, when a war erupted between the eunuchs attempting to restore the last Emperor's line and the those who wished to remain free, he left to side with the eunuchs, believing that order and organization was the way for martial artists to regain their former glory. However, after a year of fighting, where he quickly gained a repuation for being the most brutal and ferocious fighter, he was betrayed and ambushed by those he served. He narrowly escaped with his life and returned to his master, humiliated and distraught. His master's first act was to punish his disciple by permanently disabling his right hand, which had become known as "the Dragon's Fist." Unable to make a fist again, Johnny sat again under the tutelage of his master, where he modified the techniques he formerly knew to an open handed style. Upon mastery, he left to protect the world as he had meant to the first time. However, in the passing years, the Emperor's forces had establishes themselves and began extending their corrupt influence to the modern world. Today, Johnny is actively hunted by glory seekers and evil henchmen alike while he works part time as a private investigator, taking cases that help him maneuver his way to a position where he can overthrow the eunuchs.

What makes your hero special?: He is a troubled man who seeks every day to find a way to fix the mistakes of his past.
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