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Default cool site to help ppl get in the games industry -

Hey all,

Just came across the site ,it seems really handy for information on getting into the games industry. It's got info on applying, on the interview, and what it's actually like in each job

anyway just a thought, im off for dinner now
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Yeah I like that site.

Another good site and I have to say I am slightly biased as I work for their sister company is WorkinGames.

This site is UK based so probably more relevant content for people in Europe but it has lots of articles that are probably useful for everybody. It isn't backed up by a corporate magazine like this site but it doesn't have adverts etc, its run purely by subscriptions.

Check out Gamesrecruit as well although again this is mainly European jobs and you will possibly need some experience for most of the jobs on there.

I've probably already said too much and will get deleted for pushing these sites but I genuinely think they are useful for people starting out in the Industry.


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