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Default Need some quick college advise, ITT Tech

Ok so I'm going to be starting this september, so thats why I wanted to ask this and get some advice before I start the class, like if it's not right for me I can cancell now before paying so much money and starting the class.

So pretty much I'm interested in 3D modelling and animation, not just for games but for any sort of industry that uses it. I'd like to get into the game industry but, yea you get the point. The class I'm going to be taking is called Visual Communications.

On saturday there was an orientation, and I spoke to one of the teachers cause I was a bit concerned on what I'm going to learn. Cause at first I had planned on doing the 4 year game and design program, but due to the cost and some other reasons I just want to do the 2 year degree. So I asked the teacher if I'm able to get a job in the game industry, and how much of 3D modeling am I going to learn. He said that we would learn the skills that we would need when we move on to the game and design program. And that I could get a job in the game industry doing level backgrounds.

Since I'm more interested in 3D modelling, I was just wondering if this class is right for me or not. Right now I have 0 skills, altho this class may not teach as much but it will teach me some 3D modelling. So I'm just wondering if it's worth spending 40,000$ doing a 2 year degree? What other jobs besides the gaming industry would I be able to get?

Thanks for reading.
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I am currently in my final quarters of the Game Design program at ITT. From what I hear the curriculum from ITT campus's are generally the same, but there is a wild difference in instructors. For instance I am at the Utah campus and we have an amazing instructor for the 3D modeling side (He is one of the few Autodesk certified instructors in the nation). So from that stand point I learned all I needed to know for modeling/animation in my associates degree (I am getting the double degree). The Bachelor degree for me has been game philosophy with instructors from the field... which has been invaluable! So i guess to answer your question, I would ask students at the campus you are attending. I have quite a few transfer students in my classes that came to Utah due to sub par instructors elsewhere (I obviously do not to say where they are from on here, you can email me if you would like). Hope that kind of helps.

Bret Wardle
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